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E in a Walnut by Marc Stiegler

Tutorial book on the E programming language.

An Ode to the Granovetter Diagram by Mark Miller, Chip Morningstar, and Bill Frantz

Also known as Capability-based Financial Instruments. Explains the rationale for E from lambda-calculus concepts up through Smart Contracts. To appear in the Proceedings of Financial Cryptography 2000, Springer Verlag.

Capability Myths Demolished by Mark Miller, Ka-Ping Yee, and Jonathan Shapiro

gives a brief history of how capabilities have been misunderstood, and sets the record straight.

User Interaction Design for Secure Systems by Ka-Ping Yee.

To appear in the Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Information and Communications Security. Berkeley University Tech Report CSD-02-1184.

CapDesk follows these principles rather closely.

A Security Analysis of the Combex DarpaBrowser Architecure by David Wagner and Dean Tribble

This Darpa-sponsored security review includes an analysis of E and the CapDesk caplet launching framework.

A Capability Based Client: The DarpaBrowser by Marc Stiegler and Mark Miller

Our final report to Darpa for the DarpaBrowser project.

The Digital Path:
Smart Contracts and the Third World
by Mark Miller and Marc Stiegler

To appear in the Proceedings of Austrian Perspectives on the New Economy, 2001.

Auditors: An Extensible, Dynamic Code Verification Mechanism by Ka-Ping Yee and Mark S. Miller

E breaks yet more new ground in language-based security.