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The Opportunity for a Virus-Invulnerable Desktop

In the world of today, hardly a week goes by without new reminders of the vulnerability of our computing systems. At the time of this writing, the Peace Vote virus and the Nimbda Virus are two of the more recent more famous “successes” in the long line of weapons deployed against our computers.

The famous viruses most described in the media are, ironically, among the least dangerous of the infections: these viruses advertise their presence with their behavior, and though the infected user may find this catastrophic enough, far more dangerous is the Trojan horse that lies quietly dormant, awaiting orders from its true master on what to steal, and when. A good example of this dichotomy is The Strange Tale of the Attacks Against

In this insightful description of a distributed denial of service attack, it is mentioned in passing that the 13-year-old attacker infected at least 474 desktop computers around the nation with the Sub7Server Trojan as a subtask while pursuing his main goal. Though the denial of service attack caused considerable harm to GRC, the 474 people with suborned computers were placed in far graver jeopardy: the attacker positioned himself to steal every password, capture every signature and encryption key, transfer every penny in every PayPal and E*Trade account, and essentially perform complete identity theft, from every person involved. The consequences of even a much lesser success of this nature inside an organization with extreme security requirements, such as the CIA, are so severe that only those deep in the hearts of such organizations can begin to imagine the consequences.

Into this environment Combex™ introduces the E secure distributed computing platform and the CapDesk capability secure desktop. Extreme security organizations need our solutions at the earliest possible opportunity.