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The CapDesk product will come bundled with the critical minimal collection of office applications needed for users to start operations: a text editor, web browser, mail tool, word processor, and spreadsheet. The web browser, which will be based on the browser already under development for the DARPA effort, will support the execution of E caplets, the E variant of the java applet that combines power, flexibility, security, and simplicity in a fashion not possible for the traditional applet. Power users can still use their favorite Microsoft application using a VMWare compatibility box, which we may bundle or which the user may acquire separately.

CapDesk running on a Linux kernel, with standard Windows applications running in a VMWare virtual machine, a “Windows Compatibility Box”


Combex will develop a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for E development. This product is critical to enabling diverse developers from diverse fields to achieve high levels of productivity building out the capability-secure applications needed to make CapDesk a productive space for all users.

This IDE will include traditional components such as a context-sensitive browser and an integrated compiler. The IDE will also incorporate a critical enhancement to a traditional IDE component: a source-level distributed debugger specifically designed to enable the debugging of programs that run across multiple processors.